Notion ImageNotion Health MasterMaximize well-being with Notion.
Notion ImageYour health is important.
I'm always trying to help people. For a very long time, I needed a custom template to track my health numbers, but I didn't have one. Now, I've built it, and not just for myself.
All the systems here are built on a user-friendly principle. I want to make your life easier. I know you face a lot of information every single day. Notion is meant to make it easier, not harder.
Notion ImageWater Intake
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Water is incredibly important in our lives. By having an easy-to-use infrastructure, we can simplify its management.
Notion ImageSleep is also important…
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I have always wanted to improve my sleep, but first, I need to understand it better by using numbers.
Notion ImageFood & Calories? Say no more.
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I have made it very easy for you to keep track of your favorite recipes while also tracking the calories included.
Notion ImageWorkouts
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One place for all of your workout plans: divided by muscle groups, exercises, reps, sets, and more.
Notion ImageRecipes & Calories
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Keep track of all your healthy meals in a single place with ease.
Notion ImageCalories calculator
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I have developed a custom calorie calculator using verified information. The calculator includes a licensing feature, so each buyer will receive a unique license key from Gumroad via email upon purchasing the product.
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