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Your time is your most important asset. Why would you waste countless hours on planning your social media content?
This template makes it easier for you. It is your personal social media manager. The best part is that it is extremely cheap compared to hiring an assistant.
You probably have a Facebook account, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn... A lot of accounts. What if I told you there is now a solution to manage all the content from one place? It is called Social Media Mastermind.
Here you can find all the content that you plan to post.
Notion ImageIt's not only content...
It is pure value provided to your audience. That's why you have to store it in a very clean way. Your personal brand is your personal responsability. You need help. You don't need wasted time.
Notion ImageContent Management
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The content management system enables you to manage everything you post on social media. You can see all the content planned for weeks and months, providing clarity when it comes to social media management.
Notion ImagePowered by AI
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There are times when we need inspiration. That's why this template includes AI blocks that can help you achieve your maximum potential by providing powerful ideas related to your subject!
Notion ImageCoffee Tracker
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It's helpful to track how many warm and delicious coffees you drink while creating a certain piece of content.
Notion ImageBudget Tracker
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It's important to know how much money you're investing in your content. That's why this template includes a budget module that lets you add items and their prices to each piece of content.
Notion ImageRevenue Tracker
If you're looking to earn money from your content, you may find this template useful. It allows you to track your revenue from your posts by filling in the revenue section for each piece of content. The total revenue will be added to the main dashboard in the statistics database.
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